2015 Toyota Tacoma Build – Osram Rallye Bulbs

Last night, I installed new Osram Rallye 70/65W +50 H4 64205 offroad headlight bulbs.

I used a light meter and read the luminance values at the steps in the picture, which was about 15 feet away. Here are the results:

Stock Bulbs:
LOW: 18.38 foot-candles
HIGH: 29.86 foot-candles

Osram Rallye bulbs:
LOW: 36.76 foot-candles
HIGH: 42.22 foot-candles

The low beams had a significant increase in brightness, and the high beams had a modest increase. I don’t think the pictures really show the difference. But when driving, I could tell that they were brighter. So far, I’m happy with them.

I bought them from Candle Power: http://store.candlepower.com/64205.html