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Mount a Windows Shared Folder on Ubuntu 12.04 within VirtualBox

In today’s post, I will show you have to mount a Windows shared folder in Ubuntu 12.04 from within VirtualBox. A prerequisite is that you have to have VirtualBox Guest Additions already installed. If you haven’t done so and would like to know how, read this previous post where I show you how. Otherwise, continue reading and I’ll show you how to mount a shared folder.

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Regular Expression Cheatsheet

Here’s a quick cheatsheet of the metacharacters used in regular expressions.

.dotany one character
[ ... ]character classany character listed
[^...]negated character classany character not listed
^caretthe position at the start of the line
$dollarthe position at the end of the line
\<backslash less-thanthe position at the start of the word
\>backslash greater-thanthe position at the end of the word
|or, barmatches either expression it separates
( ... )parenthesesused to limit scope of |
?question markone allowed; none required ("one optional")
*asteriskunlimited allowed; none required ("any amount OK")
+plusunlimited allowed; one required ("at least one")
\1, \2, ...back referencematches text previously matched within first, second, etc., set of parentheses
\backslashescape a metacharacter to match literally
{ ... }bracesInterval; counting quantifier; specify number of matches