Rattlesnake Canyon Dayhike

I have been to Joshua Tree National Park so many times over the years that I cannot remember how many. Despite that, however, I had never explored Rattlesnake Canyon. It was time! So after a three-day backpack trip with my nephew, we spent a good part of a day scrambling over and under boulders, some larger than a house. What an adventure!

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Quail Mountain Backpacking

In January of 2021, I took my nephew on his very first backpack trip. But this wasn’t any easy, run-of-the-mill trail. Instead, we would venture through two canyons with second class scrambling as well as off-trail hiking to the summit of Quail Mountain in Joshua Tree National Park. Following a GPS and/or map-reading skills were necessary, and this felt like a great introduction to backpacking for him. Go big or go home!

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GretagMacbeth SpectroScan T x/y table Repair


I own a GretagMacbeth SpectroScan T x/y table that is used to read and measure test charts used in the creation of ICC printer profiles. I bought this unit used about eight years ago, and it has served me well throughout this time. However, I recently tried to read a target with the SpectroScan to create a new printer profile, and the device failed and returned an error. In this article, I’ll show you how I problem-solved and ultimately fixed it.

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