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What is the difference between drop frame and non-drop frame timecode?

Early in my career, I needed to learn about timecode, especially the differences between PAL, NTSC, drop frame, and non-drop frame. For some reason, I simply couldn’t grasp the difference between drop-frame and non-drop-frame. I couldn’t even find the reason why there was a difference. Eventually, after many questions and many hours of reading, I discovered that the key to understanding the difference was in learning the reason why both flavors exist.

That was over twenty years ago, and if you’re anything like I was and would like some clarification, keep reading.

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Time Code Converter

Have you ever needed to convert timecode from one format to another, say NTSC Drop-Frame to PAL? Over the years, I have needed this on countless occasions. I finally broke down and created a webpage with a time code converter, which I’ve included on this website. Click here to go to that page and feel free to bookmark it.

timecode converter